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Washington State Standards of Practice

Standards of Practice refers to the rules and guidelines Home Inspectors must adhere to during the practice of their profession.  Home Inspectors in the State of Washington must follow the Standards of Practice prescribed by the State of Washington, which meet or exceed those of ASHI, NACHI, and other professional associations.
Washington State Standards of Practice  
Chapter 308-408C WAC  (Last Update: 3/20/09)
Standards of Practice  Complete Chapter

WAC Sections
308-408C-010 Standards of practice (SOP) -- Purpose and scope.
308-408C-020 Ethics -- Statement of purpose.
308-408C-030 Exclusions and limitations.
308-408C-040 Recordkeeping.
308-408C-050 Contracts.
308-408C-060 Procedures.
308-408C-070 Structure.
308-408C-080 Exterior.
308-408C-090 Roofs.
308-408C-100 Plumbing system.
308-408C-110 Electrical system.
308-408C-120 Heating system.
308-408C-130 Air conditioning systems.
308-408C-140 Interiors.
308-408C-150 Insulation and ventilation.
308-408C-160 Fireplaces and stoves.
308-408C-180 Attached garages or carports.
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